3 months old baby

Question: My bby is 3 mnths old nd she is suffering from diarrhea.she is nt feeding properly ...nd crying continuously....plz tell me wt should i do

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Answer: Than check with the doctor immediately as baby is very small....
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    Priyanka Kashyap973 days ago

    Mai doc se dikha chuki hu medicine diye h bt avi v ye dudh ni pi rhi h or bss ro rhi h

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Question: My baby is 1 month old. She is crying continuously from 1 Hour. What should I do for calm her?
Answer: At times it can be very frustrating if baby won't stop crying but you need to keep calm and try soothing the munchkin  Swaddling. Wrap your baby in a blanket so he feels secure.Side or stomach position. Hold your baby so they’re lying on their side or stomach. But always put them on their back when going to sleep.Shushing. Create "white noise" that drowns out other noises: run the vacuum cleaner, hair drier, fan or clothes drier.  "Shhhhhh…shhhh…shhhh…" soundsSwinging. Create a rhythmic motion of any kind. For example, take your baby for a ride in a stroller or car.Sucking. Let the baby suck on something, such as a pacifier.Get Outside.  The motion may be all she needs to calm right down. Fresh air can also work wonders both for cranky babies and their bedraggled moms Sing a Song
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Question: hiiii my bby is 11 mnths old nd she is suffering from cough what to do plzzzz help
Answer:  If your baby is suffering from dry cold and cough first thing is to get a humidifier. As dryness in the air make it more difficult for baby to breathe. Add 2 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to it or put it on baby’s cloth. its will heal the blocked nose. Next massage your baby chest with desi ghee mixed with sendha namak. in case of runny cold. First use a nose bulb to clear out the mucus. Keep doing it throughout the day. Massage baby with mustard garlic ajwain oil. Apply nutmeg paste on baby's chest feet and palms daily at night. Hope this helps your baby to recover soon
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Question: Hello my baby is 8 months old and she is suffering from mouth sores. She is continuously crying. Plzzzz tell me what should I do. Which is the best medicine
Answer: Best medicine is honey , apply honey twice or thrice a day, Give red misri water . Please consult a doctor if it increases , Mouth sores happens due to heat , if breastfeeding plz watch out for what u are eating plz avoid junk foods
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