23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my lmp is 15 oct 2017 ...? in sonography due date is 14 july and according to lmp in that report is 23 july ... which month or week is running

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Question: hey my lmp is 14 th oct...as per that my due date of pregnancy is 21st july but in my last sonography its written that due date is 5th aug so which date i have to consider
Answer: EDD should be just as per your baby's gestational age according to usg.so it may vary.
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Question: Expected due date is considered according to 8th month USG report growth scan or according to LMP???? In my report due date is 21april and according to LMP it's 3May.... Which date should I consider.....??
Answer: Due date doesnt mean that everyone will deliver on this day. it is seen that around 50% of the people may deliver on the due date. Now coming to the due date calculation, early scanning between 8weeks to 14weeks is most suitable for calculation of due date. If you have a scan done during that period you can find the due date there. Else you may consider due date by LMP as near accurate if your period were regular. hope this helps.
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Question: hiii..according to LMP what is my expecting due date?my LMP is aug5th 2017.and which week is running now?
Answer: Hello! you are 26 weeks pregnant and Your baby's estimated due date is on or around Saturday, may 12, 2018
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Question: my lmp is 30 oct 2017.which month and week is running???
Answer: Hii ur 28 week and one day is going in. U r In 7 the month which will last till 31 week. All the best.
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