1 months old baby

Question: My breastmilk is not sufficient for my baby. Is it safe to give bottle milk(formula)

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Answer: Hello dear. Yes it's definitely safe. It's the food based on cow's milk or soya protein, given as a substitute for breast milk. Let me also give you few tips to improve Breastmillk. Here are a few foods that helps you increase breast milk : Oatmeal. Oatmeal by itself is not the most flavorful food out there, but you can always spice it up by adding different fruits or blend in some cinnamon or honey. Spinach. Garlic. Fenugreek. Apricots. Hope this information was helpful.
Answer: Yes, Formula milk is completely safe..but cow milk shold not give upto 6 months..
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Question: Hi my breastmilk is not sufficient for my 23 days baby shall I give formula milk whenever he is not satisfied. Which formula milk is best for him.
Answer: Before giving formula milk take advice from doctor as well.. To increase breastmilk take milk+shatavari kalp in morning and night. You will get shatavari kalp from medical also and as well as any Ayurvedic store. Also you can make bajara wheat purey.. Fry bajara wheat in ghee for 1 or 2 min. Add milk in it.. Add some salt.. And add sugar/gudh in it.. Make paste. Not much thick.. It will also increase milk
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Question: My breastmilk is not sufficient,formula feed is safe for my baby
Answer: Hello ma... dont use formula milk.. please increase your breast milk.. Breast milk increase is your hand.. when baby sucks your nipple.. you need to feel  and eat healthy food for example vegetable leaves(keerai),fish,fruits,garlic, milk, vegetables, black coffee, nuts , hot water etc.. these are increase your breast milk...  Formula milk is not good for health .. it doesn't increase your babies weight.. Suppose you need the formula milk i will suggest to consult your paediatric because doctor knows the appropriate babies health condition.. I hope.. its helpful .. if its usefull could you please help the thumbs up👍symbol... Thank you😍
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Question: My baby is 5 months old.I want to introduce her formula milk since breastmilk is not sufficient for her.How much quantity i should give her formula milk ?
Answer: Dear, till 6 month breast milk is the one only best for your baby..many formula fed babies are suffering from constipation. I can give you the best home remedies for increasing bm.hope it's work. Garlic is known for its lactogenic properties that help increase breast milk supply in mothers. Mince garlic cloves and add it to your dishes. You can also chew on a few garlic cloves. Soak one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in one cup of water overnight. In the morning, boil the soaked fenugreek seeds along with water for five minutes. Strain the solution, and drink this tea every morning to increase your breast milk supply. Add a tsp of fennel seeds to a cup of hot water. Cover the cup, let it steep for 5-10 minutes, and then strain the solution. Drink the tea twice daily for a month. Extract the juice of fresh drumsticks and drink half a glass of this juice everyday for a month. Drink this twice daily for one month to increase breast milk. Mix one tsp of cumin power with one tsp of sugar in a glass of warm water. Drink this daily before going to bed to boost your breast milk supply. Take a pinch of cinnamon powder and mix with 1/2 tsp of honey. Have it along with a cup of lukewarm milk daily before going to bed. Eating a bowl of masoor daal can enhance breast milk production. Have it with a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of ghee. Make a healthy salad or juice of carrots and beetroots and eat them daily to increase the supply of breast milk. Boil 5-6 basil leaves in a saucepan for 2 minutes. Reduce heat to a simmer and let it steep for about five minutes. Strain the water, add some honey and drink it. Drink this twice daily for a few months.
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