7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my hcg is not increasing as expected . what should u do?

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Answer: Consult ur doctor they may give u HCG Injection.
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Question: My baby weight is not increasing what should i do ?
Answer: Hello... Dear to increase baby weight in breastfeeding ,follow these diet tips it might be helpful for you... Eat a nutrious diet , includes more veggies and fruits Add ghee in your diet,will definitely increase the weight of baby,can have banana too will yield weight gain in baby If you are an non vegetarian,can have mutton(lamb) will give proper weight to baby Drink atleast two glasses of milk daily You can also take dried fish,weekly twice,it helps in milk secretion Garlic milk helps in producing more milk, for this you have to boil garlic in milk, once it boiled and cooked ,you can drink it with palm sugar,have this before bedtime Fenugreek also increases breast supply,you can add it in soups,salads , you can also have fenugreek tea Cumin water is very essential in milk secretion, it also act as a barrier against respiratory issues A handful of dried fruits increase your milk supply, and releives from constipation, and it also makes your milk thick
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Question: My LMP was on Aug 20th. I have a faint line on kit, my hcg is not increasing as expected. On 24th sep it was 106 and on 28th sep it was 129. What shoul I do?
Answer: Dear it could be a late conception and hence you have a faint line as you are in early stage of pregnancy. So I would say wait for another week and then repeat the beta hcg test. It should show increase by then. Meanwhile eat healthy and stay hydrated. Hope i helped.
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Question: What should I do my baby's wight is not increasing please suggest me what I?
Answer: Baby’s body structure and fat storage tendency generally depends on parental genes. Many babies can be really chubby whereas certain will have a leaner body. Its just their body type accept it. Overfeeding them or giving lots of ghee, butter etc might trigger child obesity in baby. Let her enjoy being herself. Your baby shouldn't be suffering from malnutrition or being underweight as this might hinder her growth. Include following food items in her diet. 1) Banana 2) Paneer 3) Oats 4) Ragi 5) Toor Dal 6) Potato 7) Dry fruits. 8) Butter/Desi ghee Try to give these item daily to her. Feed her 5timea a day. 3 proper meal and 2 snacks. Always prepare her food in butter or ghee. Soon you ll see change in her weight. A healthy happy active baby is best one can ask for. Stay blessed!
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Question: I am 23 week pregnant but my tummy is not yet visible.. All are telling baby is not growing as expected.. What I should do?
Answer: All pregnancy bumps are different, so it’s no wonder that some women worry their pregnant tummies might be too big, too small, or the wrong shape. Some women even fear that their belly size may reflect a health problem for themselves or their baby. Fear not.  It is a common myth that big bumps mean big babies—and likewise, that a small bump means a small baby. In most cases this is just not true (but some moms still worry that their baby is “the wrong size”). Chances are, if you are tall and have good muscle tone, you will carry high and your tummy might not be very noticeable. Conversely, if you are small and are carrying a big baby, your bump will most likely be truly present for all to see.
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