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Question: my bby is 1 months , yesterday she s crying too much , she feels hungry bcoz my milk supply s not good . thts why yesterday I given her nan pro 1 but aftr feeding she vomited 3-4 times. one another day I suffered by same prblm. tht time I couldn't understand for wht reason. any body can tell me wht hppnd with her. suggest me ... totally stop nan pro or els?

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Answer: have u consulted with your paediatrician dat u r using nan pro 1 for baby? if yes then don't worry otherwise u should consult first which is good fm for ur baby! if vomiting one times then it's ok n may b u didn't purp ur baby after feeding coz most important thing is if u r giving bm or fm u should confirm first that after each n every feed purping is most important try this ur baby feel relax if u don't have sufficient milk then u should consult with your gynaecologist they suggest u powder n tablet u can use it for somedays definitely ur milk supply will increase however baby grows u need more milk supply n if u r thinking that ur fm is not good u can change it no problem but by doc consultation u can do this coz all babies r different n coz of that which things will suitable for baby that couldn't say , give bm supply mostly n not having milk then can use fm.
Answer: first before starting FM check the adequacy of breast feeding in the following ways # ur breast is heavy before and light after feeding # ur baby passes urine atleast ten times a day # he is not losing weight and is active if yes to all questions then he is adequately feeding check if he is latching properly # u don't hear a clicking sound while feeding him # he doesn't have a dimple while feeding # his chin is touching ur breasts ways to increase breast milk # eat badam and garlic # take lot of water # take a glass of water before and after feeding or juice or milk # empty ur breasts fully the more empty they are the faster they fill # try galactagogue like lactonic granules lactare tablet and Q2 capsule formula feed consult ur paediatrician to know which will suit ur baby better
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    Satabdy Jay Deep Pradhan1492 days ago

    yes , ur above 3 questions ans is yes

Answer: i think you should cunsult doctor before giving anything to our kids..if doctor has suggested you to give nan pro dan make baby burp..and to increase milk supply drink lots of water, 2 glass milk a day because breast milk needs calcium so taking milk would be good for you., have oats in breakfast,doodh daliya,cumin seeds,ajwain,fennal seeds improve breastmilk quality... try this before taking any medication.medicines should be your last option...
Answer: mere baby k saath v aisa hua tha. humne halka sa gud leker usme ajbain Liya or ubal ker Jara sa baby ko Diya . 2 Baar or fir usne vomat ni ki