17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my bhabi is 6 months pregnant can u sugest some tips for her when we got her ultrasound her baby is not normal its like opisite the head is above and the legs are dwnwards wt should she do also can u sugest some healthier things as she is having a very small tummy the baby is not healthy enough

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Answer: hello dear small tummy doesnt indicate the baby is not healthy dear. some pregnant ladies have small tummy but there babies weight and development are very good..the position you said is head is above and the legs are below called as breech position... which is normal in few pregnant ladies.. Usually by 34 weeks Baby fixed the position for Labour but in some cases however not. Babies that are positioned feet or buttocks down in the womb are called “breech babies.” Babies that are lying sideways in the womb are called “transverse-lie” babies. Either way, a vaginal delivery of these babies can be extremely complicated if they do not move into the proper head-down position. There are few exercises that you can do to achieve the desired position ie head down but for safety it's important to perform only after your gynecologist approval. 1. Spinning the breech baby : prop an ironing board at a low angle against a sofa or chair. Make sure the board is sturdy and secure. Ask a family member to help you to lie down on the board with your head down and your feet up on the board. Once you’ve found your balance, massage your stomach in a downward circular motion and visualize the baby turning head-down. Lying on board for 20 minutes at a time, three times daily.
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Question: My baby became very thin from the day when he was born he got jandice can u suggest some tips for his healthy growth
Answer: Hi Dear! Babies loose weight post birth and its normal but after 15 days baby keeps gaining weight atlst 20 gms per day is also better but dont worry if bilirubin level is fine its all okay.. Pls feed plenty of Breastmilk. Expose to sunlight Exposure to blue led light (phototherapy) if Doctor suggests. Diet for you - have plenty of fluids, calcium and protein rich diet- milk, green vegetables, energy foods like dal (drink 2 bowls of dal in each meal), healing goods like ghee, haldi etc. Last but not the least- the following 3 ingredients in diet- increase breast milk production - ajwain, jeera and garlic- so increase that in your food. Dont worry baby will be fine soon, my prayers for speedy recovery.
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Question: My baby is very choosy in eating..she does not like to eat healthy steamed vegetables..what should i do to make her eat good things..
Answer: Even v r very choosy in eating then how u think tat babies eat steamed veges.make some dishez like poha,upma,veg idli,sandwitch,homemade pizza vth sozi.etc.i mean to say that give him veges in tasty form.
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Question: How will i know that my baby is taking enough breastmilk?baby is peeing for 10-12 times...but her tummy is not looking like she is full...
Answer: As per your information urination is alright. But do keep a check on his/her weight. If weight gain is okay then need not to worry.
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