3 months old baby

Question: My bby is 3 months old. My breast milk is not sufficient for him. I am confused which milk should I give to my bby?

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Answer: U can make use of the maa-lact or g-lact granules..i was also facing the same problem and this was suggested to me by my doctor. It's an ayurvedic supplement and helps in lactation. U can find it in all the medical shops
Answer: How do you know that is not sufficient?? First check whether he needs 3 to 4 diapers a day ??if yes, then it's absolutely fine.. no need to think for formula... If you really need then go for Lactogen or dexolac stage 1
Answer: Plz eat more drumstic leaves and every day any one green leaf should be added in your meal also try granules powder
Answer: You can give formula milk.
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Question: Hi my baby is 4 months old... Shall i start solids like banana.... Because i feel breast milk is not sufficient for her.. AND also she is showing signs for food
Answer: No only after completion of 180 days you should offer milk , please try to increase breastmilk supply by having garlic and fenugreek more and if the urine count is 6+ and baby is active your breastmilk is actually sufficient do not doubt on your supply unwantedly empty breasts doesn't mean there is no milk actually empty breasts produce more nutritious milk , if you want ask paediatrician for formula milk and don't give solids if you start solids now milk supply will be even more reduced? At this covid time bm provides immunity to baby so feed until one yeat
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Question: How to increase breast milk soon. My baby is not getting sufficient millk.
Answer: Have more garlic, dry roast fenugreek and cumin seeds and then make them as a powder , you can have this one spoon mixed with honey or any other sweetener before half n hr of taking breakfast lunch and dinner daily , if you are a non vegetarian eat more mutton and milk shark fish that produces more milk, drink more than 7 litres of water everyday
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Question: 2 months baby..how to know breast milk is sufficient for baby...plzz answer
Answer: Hello mommy.Breastfeed for continuous atleast half an hour and then after one and half hour.keep count of urine and potty after which you have to feed in between.Otherwise moms have that natural feeling when her baby is hungry.
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