10 months old baby

Question: My bby is 10 months old and she doesn't have any teeth yet .....what's wrong ?.......

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Answer: Hello dear don't worry some babies start teething late. May be baby has calcium deficiency. Second reason is gender boys tend to be teething little a bit latter than girl. Third is genetic issue. If parents and other family members had got teeth late so baby will also get his and her teeth late. Next reason is baby health premature birth, low birth weight and anaemia delayed teething. All above reasons are responsible for late teething but nothing to worry about it. Consult a pedestrian and give Calcium supplements to your baby.
Answer: All the best for your motherhood. There is no set date when your baby's first tooth will arrive. Most babies start at around six months, but it can happen at any time before birth to after 1 year. Teething could carry on for a year or more. Hope this information was helpful.
Answer: Hi That's quite normal..u need not to worry for that . My baby got the first teeth when she was 1 year old .. Stronger the teeth's they take time to come..
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Question: My baby is 10 months old and she doesnt have any teeth yet.. whats wrong ?....
Answer: Koi jaruri nhi ki sabhi baby ke teeth jaldi hi aa jaaye kuch baby ke teeth jaldi aate hai aur kuch baby teeth aane me time lag jata hai . Isme koi serious problem nhi hai aur sabhi baby ek jaise nhi hote ha . Jo bhi hai sab right ha
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Question: My baby girl is ,11 month 10 days old,she doesn't have any teeth yet
Answer: Hi. it's normal. My nephew didn't get his first tooth til he was a little over one. I remember reading that some babies are born with no teeth in their gums, and worrying that he'll never get teeth. Some babies are born with teeth and there are some that don't get their first tooth til they are at least a year old. If your baby falls anywhere in that range, they are perfectly normal. If they haven't got their first tooth by the time they are 18 months, you should take your child to your doctor to rule out any problems.
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Question: my baby is 10 months old. he doesn't have any teeth yet.
Answer: Hi hope this helps, it ok that your baby is having late teeth..my son also got his teeth late...now he notes me so hard sometimes feel better off without teeth itself 😉...it's ok chill he will get slowly... consult with your pediatrician if necessary...take care...happy teeth😀
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Question: My baby is 10 month old and still she doesn't have any teeth
Answer: Hi.. Dear babies are born with a tooth, and some still have a completely gummy smile on their first birthday. If your baby still doesn't have any teeth at 10 months she is, almost certainly, just taking her time... So don't worry about it. It has been thought that the appearance of teeth is hereditary, and generally if teeth eruption delayed in the parents, then the child's teeth eruption may be delayed.
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