38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My lmp is 31 may 2018, today I had go through color doppler scan and doctor told that cord is wrapped in a neck of a baby,. So pls suggest me is that any wrong with my baby or a danger for baby. Pls help me by your suggestions

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Answer: Hii,i have same problem..cs done..n there is no problem but do on time.sometime pain starts n cord is open den normal delivery can happen too
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    kanchan shelar60 days ago

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Question: At my 30 week color doppler it showed that baby has wrapped cord around it's neck. I'm very worried.
Answer: Hi dear, don't worry. Do as your doctor suggest. They know better. When I was young, My aunt had 2 sons 5 year apart, both had cord wrapped around the neck. They were delivered normally and cord was unwrapped in womb for first one as a very experienced midwife turned the baby inside tge womb. Fir the second one, cord was unwrapped as soon as he was born. First one had 4 times tge wrap and second one had 2 times. Sometimes doctor also suggest c-section instead of natural birth if there are complication for the baby. So better discuss it with your doctor. Nothing to worry about.
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Question: Hi madam , In today ultrasound doctor told that single loop of umblical cord wrapped around baby neck ' is it dangerous to the baby ?can anyone pls answer me
Answer: Dear i know how scary it sounds. But it very common and is taken care of by your gynae with you even noticing it. So please do not worry ur gynae will do what is needed. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi Doctor Iam 31 week pregnent, yesterday i did Growth scan in that scan report baby cord wrapped around the neck. Is it Dangerous to the Baby. Is it possible to remove wrapped cord. Please suggest me.
Answer: Hi,there is nothing to worry unless it it is umbilical cord.at the time of labor Dr will monitor the heart beats of the baby in case it is dropping down than Dr will suggest to go for immediate csec,else Dr will do vaginal delivery.
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