28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My plecenta is lower ... Can u say something is it harm and not?

2 Answers
Answer: Please take bed rest
Answer: Yeah Thxful
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Question: I have completed my 6 months.my question is i wear High waist jegging so that tummy visible is less .u can say they r tight.i wanna ask can it tight jeggings can affect my baby shape or any harm?
Answer: Dear no it would not harm in any way to the baby. And wearing tight jeggings is completely your choice and if you are comfortable there is no harm in wearing those. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can muskmelon be consumed many of them say that it is heat and u should not take it and it is not even good for pregnant women
Answer: Hello... No dear, you can take muskmelon, rich in vitamin, minerals, water content helps in preventing dehydration
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Question: Can u pls anyone say is Shatavari powder and galact powder both are equal or not?
Answer: Hi dear, Shatavari is the main ingredient in galact powder.galact powder also contain cumin and other ingredient.
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