1 months old baby

Question: My bby is doing motion very often in small small amount. Is it normal?

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Answer: 10 times poop in a day or 1 tym poop in 10 days is normal.. Apka baby agar normal behave kr raha hai to theek hai.. Agar nahi to aap janam ghuti dedo thhande pani mein.. Quantity upar likhi hogi.. Chevk krke dedo..
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Question: My Baby girl is 25days old. Last 2days, she is doing potty in very very small amount during her frat for 10/12 times a day and a good amount once a day. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi! If the baby is on liquid the she will poop more or less liquid till the time she starts solid after 6 months. *Its normal in new born babies to pass gas and poop at the same time because they do not have control over their spinchter muscle in anus, hence theu tend to poop when they pass gas. *And its good in a way because baby is relieved as he passes gas, since they are completely on milk and milk produces a lot of gas, so its better if it comes out. It will be fine, dont worry. Hope this helps!
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Question: He is often doing green colour motion is it normal
Answer: If stool has visible mucus or green in color it can be a sign of bacterial infections. It also happens if the baby is on more of formula milk. You can consult your pediatrician, so that the doctor would be able to treat this. Not to worry, your baby would be fine.
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Question: Very small amount of water is coming from my baby's mouth most often.
Answer: It is normal.baby's body is preparing for semi solid food digestion. It will increase untill 6 months
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