Few weeks old baby

Question: My bby is 8 days old. N m unable to give complete breast feed to my boy as size of my nipple is too small .n i gave him cow milk wat should i do to increase my nipple size?

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Answer: Cow milk bilkul mat dijiye plz baby ko infection ho jaega. Baby ko jb ap feed krana start krengi nipples ka shape badhega. Or ap baby ko formula milk dijiye. Syringe ka formula use karo.. it works.. syringe ki needle nikalo and waha se cut karo.. piche ka pump nikal k cut kiye hue side me dalo.. And nipple usme dal k pump karo ... To nipple age ayega to turant baby k muh me do..Aise daily 4-5 times karo.. 2-3 din me baby leta muh me... It really works for all.. even doctor suggested
Answer: Nipple size has nothing to do with milk production take health diet and you will get enough milk for your baby. What is your nipple size? You can't increase it by any way.
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    Sindhu K909 days ago

    As the baby keepb sucking the nipple size increases

Answer: Instead of cows milk u can do formula feed.... To increase nipple size do syringing.... Consult ur gyenc she will help u ...
Answer: use manual breast pump or massage nipples or use syrange meyhod which available in youtube
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    remya p nair909 days ago

    I faced same pblm initially my baby was not able to latch bcos my nipple was small. Dr prescribed me to use pigeon nipple shield, baby was able to latch and in 3weeks nipple size increased and she latched directly from breast.

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