1 months old baby

Question: My bby is 21 days old . He is not able to take breast feed properly...i use cow milk n use nipple shield for him..also i hve used syringe method...but he dont suck breast nipple for feed

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Answer: hello dear mother first of all you cannot give cows milk to a baby who is just 21 days old babies so small cannot digest cows milk as nicely and easily as they do with breastmilk all the formula milk if you have any problem with your breast milk supply for due to any reason you are unable to feed a baby please do not feed cows milk to your baby instead go for the formula brands that are available in the market you can also give diluted the buffalo milk to your baby Cows milk do not contain the right amount of iron Vitamin C and other nutrients that are required but suddenly it is very high in Minerals and protein but as the Kidneys of the baby are not mature enough to digest the cows milk it is not considered safe for the Infant to stop giving cows milk immediately If you have been giving bottle feed to your baby again and again or continuously for past 20 days then certainly the baby will not like to suck your breast because when babies suck through the breast they have to apply a lot of energy and strength to suck milk from the breast but from the bottle they just have to do a little bit of sucking and then everything comes down the hole easily. If you are baby is unable to take breast milk properly but you are still producing good amount and Good quantity of the milk you can express the milk that is pump the milk using breast forms available in the market and store them for your baby and use them as and when required hope my answer was helpful to you
Answer: Don't give him cow milk,you cab give him nan1
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Question: my nipple is inverted when i press it goes inside.and i used syringe method too.my bby try to suck bt nipple goes inside he cries a lot😭.now im using bresst pump to feed.is t good breast pump to feed .how many tymz shall i feed using pump.is there any method for inverted nipple .
Answer: I had same problem with my breast. Do syringe method every time before feed. Before Everytime feed first offer him your nipple(after treated syringe method) if he is not taking then use pump.when i frequently done this method my problem has been solved.
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Question: Hi... my baby is 12 days old. M not able to breast feed him properly as my nipples are flat bt havin breast milk.. i use formula milk to feed him. Through syringe i take out my breast milk in bottle and feed him.. today i got arnd 60 ml breast milk through syringe and i feed him through bottle. Is there any problm to giv breast milk as well as formula milk side by side?
Answer: Plastic shells are available in the market which you can wear over your areola & nipples. Breast pumps & other suction devices are available as well. As you said that you're having bm then you can 'Hand express' too. For this you just have to cup your breast with one hand & with the help of thumb & forefinger sqeeze your nipple where areola starts. Small drops of milk will come. Dont over do it. Pull back your breast to make your baby latch to it easily. You can V- hold too,for this you have hold your nipple with your fore finger & middle finger in a scissor shape,press down gently. Stimulating the nipple with cold water by touching it with your fingers. These are the various options you can go for. & most importantly if you have bm then feed your little one that only. I 've no intention to offend the moms who have no options left than to give fm but as you said you already have started feeding her/him both so just check the carton,its written over there that mothers milk is the best. It ll build up immunity in your kid. My daughter is 8 months & 2 weeks old & i'm still continuing her with bm apart from feeding her solid foods puree/ stew,etc thrice a day. Its tiring but worth it as far as our kids are concerned. Takecare
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Question: Hi, my nipples are very small so my baby is not able to suck properly. should i use nipple shield.
Answer: hi yes you can use nipple Shield also I am good tell you you can massage your breast before feeding the baby every time also you can take warm water shower and while let the warm water flow down the breast and massage the breast at that time also just before feeding your baby you can use electric Expressor for five mins which will help the nipple to get its shape which in turn will help the baby to latch properly
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