7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My lmp is 26 August, am pregnant, am done my first usg at 6week 5.6mm empty gestational sac seen, yolk sac and fetal pole not seen now 2 days before brown discharge occurs then consult to doctor, was injected progesterone after am OK no any brown discharge but today repeatedly brown discharge seen, first time pregnancy am very worried for this, plz suggest me why this happen please as soon as possible

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Answer: Dear if you are facing the brown discharge again I would suggest you to consult the doctor again. Though please understand brown discharge is the old blood which is coming later which means either it is from the implantation time or there is internal bleeding which is causing this delayed discharge. So better would be to ask your gynae. Hope it helps.
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Question: Light brownish discharge is coming is it normal or we have to worry about this and my first ultrascan reports there is fetal hole but yolk sac seen
Answer: Dear getting a brown discharge means that the fertilizer is attaching to the wall of the uterus and forming the Placenta so in a way this is a good sign it is known as implantation bleeding and it means that your baby is progressing
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Question: Is there any chance of having baby after little brown discharge from past 1 day and my first ultrascan report says no fetal hole and yolk sac seen and gestational sac 1.95cm.
Answer: Hello dear, in early pregnancy mild bleeding can be because of old blood so don't worry as baby is growing so get a rescan done but in between if bleeding increase or cramps happen so get it checked by doctor..
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Question: A single intrauterine gestational sac without fetal pole Gestational sac seen meas 1.94 cms corresponding to 7 weeks 4 days No e/o Fetal pole/ yolk sac seen A single intrauterine gestational sac without fetal pole/ yolk sac blighted ovum What is the meaning of this report and can we take it as a miscarriage
Answer: Consult with your gynac doctor first she might suggest you some thing don't worry take more rest don't lift heavy materials avoid standing for more time take rest
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