30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My internal os is open and gync advise me not to give any pressure on abdomen but i hv constipation problm. What should i do to avoid this?

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Answer: You should take orange peel inner layer.that is in white colour.it is safe for your baby.and your constipation gone within 4 to 5 days.
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Question: My internal os is open and my dr advice to put vaginal pill susten. And i hv some waterysecretion is this due to pills?
Answer: Hello increased vaginal discharge is very common during pregnancy. Susten 200 or eudrim are tablets prescribed by the doctor whn the lining of ur uterus is thin or estrogen harmone levels are high. These tablets help in the production of the harmone progesterone wch is a very helpful harmone during pregnancy it helps in building uterus lining and helps u in maintaining ur pregnancy it also protects your baby from the harmful estrogen levels are high wch can cause complications in the pregnancy. Hope I helped
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Question: Hie i hv pain in my lower abdomen n sometimes i feel pressure on vagina so what should i do and why is it happen
Answer: Hi dear since you are 37 weeks pregnant now it is very or normal for you to feel this kind of sensation and pain in your lower abdomen or you might feel pressure on the vaginal bone as if something is trying to come out if your baby has already engaged its head in the pelvis area it is a very common symptom to face during pregnancy especially in the advance stage I would suggest you to please not worry be calm and positive about yourself and your pregnancy do take a lot of rest walk slow and whenever you try to turn a sides while asleep please do get up for sometime and then take a turn because it is very uneasy if you have a pressure on the pelvic bone to walk and to take turns while asleep.. Hope this helps!
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Question: hi my external os is open .internal os is closed .. though i m working girl .. what to do ...
Answer: Hi Dear! I dont think you need to worry becz your internal OS is closed and rigid and thats how its supossed to be in pregnancy and if Dr. has nt told anything dont worry.. Hope this helps!
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