1 months old baby

Question: my infants baby have not done potty from 9days

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Question: From 4 days my baby have not done potty
Answer: It's important when babies starts solids should pass stool daily. Alternate days pooping is still normal but it should not be hard because this might be the start of constipation issue. The reason behind this low fibre food like rice, banana , carrot etc in diet. 1. Formula feed babies are more likely constipated than breast milk babies. So if baby is formula feed change the brand. 2. Cut down other milk made items like kheer etc for few days 3. Give Apple puree with skin, pear puree with skin and prunes juice. 4. Soak raisin overnight and give that water next morning. 5. Boil pomegranate peel in water and give that water. 6. Include rich fibre diet like oats and lots of water. 7. Massage the baby belly with warm oil. 8. Warm water bath. 9. Include curd, salads,buttermilk in baby diet. 10. More liquid diet.
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Question: My baby has not done potty from 4days any Prblm?
Answer: Hello,it is completely normal temperature feed baby does not pass motion then 3 to 4 days . if the baby does not pass motion more than five days then you should consult to doctor as then the baby may require to be given a probiotic drops which will help the baby . if your breast feeding a baby you should also include in your diet more of green vegetables and food which is rich in fibres like carrots quotes a fire and banana you should also have more of water intake which will help the baby
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Question: My baby is not done potty from last 4 days. She is 9days old. Is there any problem????
Answer: Hi As baby is new born and.only in liquid diets just note whether urine is normal if so no issue....some babies who are in completely liquid diet sometimes do potty even once in 12 days..
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