6 months old baby

Question: my in-laws want to train my daughter the way they want.i want my daughter the way I want. what should I do

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Answer: Let them train the way they want, it's the nature of every Dada Dadi. You train the way you want. At the end baby will learn the way he/she wants to learn :)
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Question: My daughter is not ready to take milk in any way...i tried lot... what should I do?
Answer: U can give her cheese slice everyday, give paner 2-3 times a week, give ragi malt in water, can try tofu, soy sticks for the calcium required. Try to give almond powder, dry fruit powder with milk by giving a different name. Say there is no milk n this is a new desert U can add custard powder, choco powder to kheer or paysamams to make them taste different. Even if u have made with milk mention that there is no milk These tricks work for my elder daughter very well in cases where milk is to be given or not given too
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Question: My 19 month old daughter does not want to drink milk.... What should I do
Answer: Hello ! Sometimes babies are not able to take the smell of the milk which is why they become fussy . You can either give milk by adding little ealchi powder or add little horlicks for changing the flavour . This might help you to make your little one drink milk . Take care .
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Question: My 4 year old baby doesn't want to sleep in the afternoon. What should I do
Answer: Hi Dear! At 4 yrs its difficult to force baby to sleep or make him sleep, i wud suggest after school a lot of play time or physical activity becz if the baby is not tired he wont sleep in thd afternoon.. Hope this helps !
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