2 months old baby

Question: My husband has habit of applying t9ger balm at nite.is its smell harmful for babies or he has to discontinue using dat?does its smell b causing discomfort to baby?

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Answer: Dear its smell won't do any harm to baby so dont worry about it at all..
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Question: I am having a habit of taking bath at nights. Is this harmful to baby causing cold through breast milk???
Answer: Yes dear..... She might get cold.... So please stop bath at night
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Question: My baby is 11months old he has a habit of thumb sucking he doesnt eats or drink properly
Answer: Hi mommy baby sucking thumb/hand is a perfectly natural, self-reliant way for a child to soothe themselves. I think people make to much of an issue about this. Thumb sucking does palette damage in extreme cases, not the average baby. And also baby who suck thumb in early age tends to sleep for 7-8 hrs and are calm by nature as they know how to sooth them self.  May be if this habit stays till 1 year of age you can try by putting some bitter  tasting thing over thumb. It works in most cases. All the best!
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Question: My baby is 9 months old..... n he does sleep very late at night.....n coz of dis reason ....me n my husband does not get time for each other .....n as so I hv a feeling dat my husband has lost interest in me......wat shl d I do......plzzz help
Answer: This is very common till age of 2 yrs.... u set her bedtime.. and try to place her to bed as early as possible... make this routine.. try for 1 week slowly she 'll adopt..
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