17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My husband had paralysis stroke before marriage now he is alright i didnot notice anything symptom of stroke from marriage .now im 17th week pregnant is this any problem to my baby .plz suggest me mam i worroed about my baby health recently i knew it that my husband has paralysis

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Answer: Hi dear, Donot stress out dear.your baby would be perfectly fine.stroke in your partner would have no issue in your growth baby.i hope the tests etc would have let your husband know the actual reason for paralysis.it could be due to lot many reasons.but that won't effect your baby.so donot worry.
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    Madhavi youtube Narasim942 days ago

    Thank u so much mam

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Answer: Hi dear, Baby movements can be felt as early as 13 weeks in case of second pregnancy.but if it is your first pregnancy,you can feel them not before 25 weeks. It starts with fluttering and progresses to kicks and turns. So please be patient. Pregnant women describe their baby's movements as butterflies, nervous twitches, or a tumbling motion. At first, it may be hard to tell whether your baby has moved. Second and third time moms are more confident at distinguishing those first baby movements like gas,hungerpangs, and other internal motions.
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Answer: Dear you can completely overcome this problem. See we all feel scared on thought of pregnancy but when we get pregnant things start to feel fine. Firstly you get sure that you want to be pregnant and once you will be sure you will not be scared. Just relax stay calm and think about a life with a baby with small hands and foot. The love you will get from your baby is that no one can give you no matter what relation it is. So have faith in you and plan a pregnancy. I know you will be a best mom a baby can have.. Love and hugs..
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Question: My husband got paralysis before 1 yr now he is fine . Can we plan for the baby ??
Answer: Hello dear. Yes it can be planned if there are no other health complications. You can also consult gynae to conceive under her guidance. Hope it helps.
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