10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My husband gave me medicine for miscarriage but I want to baby after that I did ultrasound and Dr said ur baby is fine but after 5 days bleeding has not stopped but Dr gave me injection and medicine

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Answer: hi dear ! so dear there are medication availabe to prevent the miscarriage dear . we have medicines like duphastone or susten that has female hormone like progesterone which help prevent the miscarriage and help maintain the pregnancy dear . so dont worry if your your baby is still safe . everything will be fine dear1 take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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    Jyoti Patwal276 days ago

    Same medicine gave me my doctors where m taking treatment but still bleeding not stopped it like spots type I don't know how much will take tym for recovery so m tense Bco it's my first baby

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Question: I had a bleeding but no pain... Dr gave me the injection and now the bleeding has stopped.... Why this is happening??
Answer: I do not worry this could be due to hormonal imbalances however this injection will help you to balance the hormones in the body which is necessary to support the pregnancy so you should follow the doctor and take this injection as and when it is required to be taken in the meanwhile it is also advisable for you to avoid doing any strenuous activities and to take good rest as much as possible
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Question: Hi friends , i m soooo worried as i got bleeding during 9 weeks of my pregnancy. We did ultrasound in that baby is fine but some blood clot found in that report. Dr gave me dydrogesterone for 15 days. Now bleeding has stopped but still blood spotting is there everyday. Is it normal or is there any chances of misscarage.
Answer: hi dear don't worry when the baby is fine you don't need to worry about that and please do take the medicines are prescribed by doctor if it continues even after that please consult the doctor again because sometimes due to hormonal changes and also when there is a clot in uterus can cause spotting if it is very mild spotting then you don't need to worry but we should be very careful it is good to be precautious than suffering
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Question: after 8 weeks my wife had little bit bleeding(one drop per day).right now she's in 10th weeks and bleeding is stopped. after ultrasound dr says that baby is fine so my question is that common problem or not?
Answer: yes it is common...nothing to worry about.. It can happen anytime from conception (when the egg is fertilized) to the end of pregnancy. Light bleeding, or spotting, during pregnancyis common, especially during the first trimester.
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