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Question: My husband and my blood group is there any problem for pregnancy and baby?

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Answer: Not much....check for d rh factor if any issue doc will suggest u....myn n my hubby blood group is also o+ve no pblm occured
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Question: My blood group O+ and my husband blood group is O+ is there any complication for my baby in pregnancy?
Answer: Hi ,dear if both of you have positive blood group then there is no complication and even with same blood group there shouldn't be any complication. But both of you can take a test for Thalassemia to check whether any of you or both of you have any such problem or not. Hope it helps.
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Question: My blood group is hubby blood group is there any problem
Answer: Now no problem ..when u give u birth Ur baby ..then suddenly check Ur baby blood group and give one injection and u take also one injection ... because Ur bay which one blood take is now u don't Ur doctor
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Question: My husband and me having same blood group o+. Is there any problem to baby
Answer: Hi There won't be any problem. Problem occurs if any one has a negative blood group. As you mentioned both have O positive blood group then it's okay
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