1 months old baby

Question: My husband and iam both are fair my daughter born with dark complexion will it change

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Answer: Hi do t worry.the course if your baby will change. Also the course if the baby depends upon the grandparents genes as well However don't worry about the colour of your baby.. Take care
Answer: Hi,don't worry it also depends upon the genes if grand parents. But however don't worry yes,the colour of the baby will change as the baby grows. Take care
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Question: Me n my husband both has a fair complexion where as my baby has born very dark n he is still dark in complexion. Can I know why the reason is he dark when both the parents are fair and is there any ways to make him fair
Answer: Well, it can happen the genes for skin colour are not just from parents, they can be from grandparents too. Not much can be done if your baby is genetically darker skinned. I would advise you to be happy with the colour your baby has and dont ever let him get a complex about it. Its very important for a child's self esteem.Also, never in my life have I seen skin colour affecting anyone's overall happiness. Be happy that you have a healthy kid who will complete your life 😊
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Question: Hi..my newborn baby is dark in colour..me and my husband are fair skinned..will she change the color
Answer: It's all about your family genes.. someone may be dark in your home.accept and love her/her.be grateful to God for the baby in the world suffering from fertility problems.
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Question: We husband wife both r fair my dad s fair my mom s dark will my daughter become dark
Answer: Hi dear , as you explained baby has fairness in Gene's so dont worry baby will be fair.
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