6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My hubby's blood group is A positivi and mine B positive ..is there any problm to my baby

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Answer: hi dear! so as long as there is no rhesus negative (any negative blood group) there is nothing to worry dear. take care dear.
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    Bhavya Mj88 days ago

    K man tq

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Question: Hiii...my blood group is B+ nd my hubby's blood group is B (-)..is there any complication ij my pregnancy??
Answer: No issues... Only of mother is rh negative it is an concern
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Question: My blood group is B + nd my hubby's blood group is B (-) .is there any need of some injection..
Answer: Hi dear,if both blood gups different.no problem at all.pregnency not depending on this.so no need of any injection.take healthy food for healthy baby.tq
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Question: my blood group is o negative and hubby's is B positive .. will it create any problem for my baby?
Answer: hi dear! yes dear it will create a problem so as your baby can be positive dear which will make your body to consider your baby's blood as a foreign substance and will start to create antibodies against it and the baby will develop severe anemia as there will be breakdown of blood cells and eventually the baby will die . so to prevent all this rh immunoglobulin injection is given. but you wont need it if its your first pregnancy but in the second pregnancy you will need the injection dear. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful!
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Question: My blood group is a negative and my hubby's b positive, so koi problem ho sakta he hamare bacche ko
Answer: Hi. I too am a rh(-)ve mother. I dintvhad any problem my doctor just game me 2 anti -D injections. And one was given after my bBies birth as she was rh(+)ve. Health problems usually do not occur during an Rh-negative woman’s first pregnancy with an Rh-positive fetus because her body does not have a chance to develop a lot of antibodies. But if preventive treatment is not given during the first pregnancy and the woman later gets pregnant with an Rh-positive fetus, she can make more antibodies. More antibodies put a future fetus at risk.
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