25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My heart beats very fastly when i sleep in the noon. Why is it so

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Answer: Hi Are you sleeping immediatly after having lunch..then please do not do that , have a walk after eating and then sleep..because sleeping immediatly after lunch will make you uncomfortable so heart beats fast..
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Question: Why my heart beats so fast all the time????
Answer: Hi, Though increased heart is usually normal, it is best to adapt to certain lifestyle changes that will ensure good health for you and your baby. If the cause something serious, your doctor will also prescribe the course of treatment and precautions. Treatments... While there are many drugs that help with tachycardia, it is best not to use them while you are pregnant. Some of these medicines could hamper your baby’s development. Also, ensure you consult your doctor regarding this as well. Self-Help Remedies... Making sure that you are calm is one of the best remedies if you are experiencing a fast heartbeat during pregnancy. Drinking moderate amounts of chamomile tea or aromatherapy with lavender can go a long way in calming your emotions. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep with regular sleep patterns that remain undisturbed. Yoga and meditation are also options for you to explore but be sure to clarify with your doctor before trying anything.
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Question: My heart beats very fast. Why?
Answer: This is very common in pregnancy . It's called palpitations. Try to take deep breath in and deep breath out. Generally there is no solution for this apart from yoga and meditation. Try switching on you tube and go for pregnancy yoga or meditation and follow the steps. Pls don't stress and take tensions which is one of the reasons for palpitations... keep your mind and body relaxed and talk to the baby regularly which will make the baby feel healthy and happy.
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Question: I am 3 weeks of pregnant and my heart beats fastly some time Is it normal
Answer: Absolutely normal dear ur heart works 50%more now then before
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