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Question: My heart beat increasing why?

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Answer: One example is an increased amountof blood in the body. This extra blood results in a heart rate that's about 25 percent faster than usual. ... These feel like your heart is fluttering or beating extremely fast. Heart palpitations can be normal and nonharmful during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the amount of blood pumped by the heart (cardiac output) increases by 30 to 50%. As cardiac output increases, the heart rate at rest speeds up from a normal prepregnancy rate of about 70 beats per minute to 80 or 90 beats per minute.
Answer: Hello dear during pregnancy the amount of blood pumped by the heart increases by 30 to 50%. As cardiac input increases, the heart rate at rest speeds up from normal pregnancy rate of 70 % beats per minute to 80 to 90% beats per minute.
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Answer: Hi dear, The usual palpitations during pregnancy is common due to many reasons.heartbeat more than 100 is termed as Tachycardia.there could be following reasons for that: 1- stress or anxiety 2-overworking heart,as the heart has to full fill the demand of the growing baby in body 3-increase in blood volume during pregnancy 4-rapid proliferation of blood vessels 5-hormonal changes/fluctuations 6-anemia or any other illness like thyphoid 7-excessive caffeine consumption This could accompany with breathlessness,dizzyness and fatigue too. Treatment 1- early morning walks 2- streching exercises could release stress 3- involve in hobbies 4-mild breathing exercises could release stress too.
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Answer: Hi dear please forget yourself checked for BP if sometimes the pressure is high the heartbeat can be faster .. Hope this helps!
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