Few days old baby

Question: My bady health

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Answer: Hello Can u please be more clear
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Question: My bady has fits problems
Answer: Hello. Oh if baby has seizures then yu should immediately meet child neurologist. It is utmost important. Seizures just finishes the development. N in earlier state it is curable to with help of medication. Don't delay n meet child neurologist. Take care
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Question: mai konsa dha powder lu....jiska bady ka mental health strong ho
Answer: Hello! Koi bhi dha yah protein powder, doctor ko pooch ke lijiye. Bina doctor ko consult karke lena thik nehi hain
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Question: What food give my bady
Answer: Hello! You can follow this complete diet chart Early Morning-Apple Suji Kheer/BM/ Formula/Mashed Khichdi with veggies/Roti soaked in dal Formula Breakfast-Stewed Fruits/idlis soaked in dal/Bottle gourd sabji with rice Mid morning-Suji Halwa/BM/Formula/Beetroot and Carrot mash/Fresh mashed paneer Lunch-BM/ Formula/Rice cereal with stewed apple/Mixed veg soup and mashed rice/Suji Upma with veggies Afternoon-Banana smoothie/BM/ Formula/Plain Curd rice Dinner-Atta Halwa/Pumpkin and carrot Mash/idli soaked in vegetable soup Late night-Ragi Porridge/Homemade Curd rice/BM/ Formula/Lentil soup
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