2 months old baby

Question: My babys head measurement was 33 cm and now his it is 36 cm .he is 2 month 5 days ... is it normal

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Answer: Yeah..it's normal nothing worry about
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Question: Hi my baby is 1 month 6 days old .. during his birth his head measurement was 35 cm and now its 39 cm..is it normal??
Answer: Yes its totally normal ..ib first month baby head circum increase by 3 cm. .
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Question: my babys birth weight was 3.43 kgs..now he is 33 days old..what shuld be his weight now
Answer: When babies born the birth weight either remains the same or loose few grams on 15th day of the baby birth. For eg, if baby birth weight is 3200gm so on 15th day either baby is on the same weight 3200gm or loose like 2900gm. After 15th day babies start gaining weight. And if the weight is gaining atleast 20gm per day rate than the growth is normal and the feed too. Count the baby pee in a day and it should be more than 6. Poop can be once in 10 days or 10 in a day both are normal.
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Question: My is 5 month 2 days now his plam and feet are very chill and sweat while he's awake. When he sleeps it is worm. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello! It could be that he is active when awake and that causes the palms to be sweaty and then become chill. Just once also check the body for sweat. If you find him sweating then make sure you put less clothes then what you put. Take care
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