33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My hb was 7.5 one week before.And my baby always remains in lower stomach.is it safe if i deliver my baby on 4th july

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Question: Is it safe to if i deliver my baby on its 40 weeks?
Answer: Hi dear, Once you have completed 37 weeks,you could expect labor pain anytime.baby is said to be full term when delivered between 38-40 weeks.you could deliver in 40 th week too.
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Question: Is it safe to deliver baby in 37th week
Answer: It is safe only when the baby weight is more than 1.5 and with the second opinion of a senior gynaecologist because baby's lungs won't be mature hence dexamethasone shall be given if it is been planned that delivery will happen at 37 weeks to help mature your baby's lungs so that he can breathe in and outside environment after delivery your baby will be kept in neonatal ICU for a month
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Question: my nose always remains blocked while sleeping causing difficulty in breathing. can I use otrivin in 4th month of pregnancy..
Answer: it's better you use shadbindu oil it's completely safe n as well as it's Ayurvedic it has no side effects
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