24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My hb level is 9.2 and iam 23 weeks pregnant plz suggest foods to increase my hb level as soon as possible

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Answer: It is very low dear increase your heamglobin level dear Eat Healthy Foods Leafy Vegetables. Green vegetables, especially the leafy greens that are rich in iron content are a must-include in a pregnancy diet. ... Dry Fruits and Nuts. ... Pulses. ... Asparagus. ... Fresh Fruits. ... Vegetables Rich in Folic Acid. ... Smoothie. ... Seeds. Take care dear 😊😊
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    Umissa Yousuf1 days ago

    Eat 2- 3 dates with milk this will help u to increase heamoglobin level.

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Question: Hello mam Iam feeling unconscious since 2 days continuously Dr suggested to check hb level and it's 9.2 is it normal? Also I have gained only 4 kg weight at 23 weeks pregnancy
Answer: No it is not normal. Hemoglobin level less than 10 is called in Amit that is you are not having blood in your body. That is the reason you are blacking out. Please eat healthy consult a dietician they would tell you what all kinds of food you should eat based on whether you are vegetarian or nonvegetarian. Also so there would be significant weight gain from your third trimester onwards. But low hemoglobin levels is very dangerous please consult your doctor and dietitian immediately and form a plan on how you can improve your hemoglobin levels.
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Question: Hie... Am 6 weeks pregnant.. As doc told me my baby heartbeat is slow... Is any chance to miscarriage... Or plz suggest me how can I increase my baby heart beat naturally
Answer: Well dear you may wait for few weeks and hopefully it would increase.. unfortunately there is no natural way to improve it..there are medicines to support pregnancy but nothing helps in baby growth .it is purely genetic..hoping it impoves.. dnt think about miscarriage this early..
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Question: My hb is 8.7...and I'm 27 weeks pregnant.how to increase blood levels faster..and my belly also looks smaller..is it normal
Answer: Yes dear your hb seems white low..along with iron supplement you need iron rich diet..if you are non vegetarian then you need to have egg,chicken,mutton,fish on weekly basis..green leafy vegetables are also rich source of iron..legumes luke chana,rajma,chole are good too..pomegranate,apple,are good for iron..if it is not improved then you might need iron injection..no need to worry, but do take care.
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