4 months old baby

Question: my hair will fall too much in nowadays. more than 100 hairs fall out each bath.what is the solution for this prblm? consult a doctor or not

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Answer: Hello Dont panic.its due to the stress and the sleepless nights and hormonal changes.reduce your stress levels drink plenty of water.eat all varities of food.especially fresh fruit s and vegetables
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Question: i also fall out around 100 hairs in each bath it isa serious condition or not?
Answer: are you mean to say that is a hair fall it is, after delivery because of dominant changes in the body do not worry it will get find it will settle down you should try this you should be the coconut oil and and a few Kadi Patta leaves to it then massage with the soil thrice a week this week help to solve the problem of hair fall you should also take up bed which is rich in vitamin E will like Almonds and also you can with in consultation return of the day Vitamin E supplements
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Question: I am facing too much of hair fall problem after pregnancy. It has been more than a month. Please suggest any home remedy for hair fall?
Answer: Hi,you should have diet rich in vit E,have Almonds as it is good source of vit E,you can also take vit E, supplements in consultation with your doctor.Warm coconut oil and add kadi patta leaves and massage the hair thrice a week this will also help to provide proper nutritious to the hair.
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Question: Hi dr. My 3months old baby hair fall too much, i should consult pediatriation or is this common in babies
Answer: Hi dear don't worry this used to happen if my baby also the hair does all near about the third of fourth month then it comes back again later. Take care
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Question: I am having too much of hair fall. Please suggest what is the remedy for this
Answer: Welcome to healofy and we are happy to help. After birth, the levels of oestrogen fall, and larger amounts of hair go into the resting phase, causing excessive shedding, or hair loss. Although there is no way to completely prevent hair loss after pregnancy, it can be minimised by taking certain measures. Here are a few tips to control hairfall : Do not use water which is too hot for washing your hair. Massage the strained liquid of soaked fenugreek into the scalp. Apply a mixture of olive oil, egg yolk and lemon juice on hair roots. Massage coconut milk onto scalp, leave for ½ hour and rinse with warm water. Hope this information was helpful.
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