11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my gyne ask for visit after every 20days...and everytime she did ultrasound.. is it save ultrasound wave for the child after every 20 days?

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Answer: Hie Utrasound is safe for the baby it won't cause any harm Do you have any complications in pregnancy You don't need to have sonography every 20 days There are 4-6 sonography during pregnancy First in 2 nd month Second would be in 4 th Month Third in seventh Fourth in ninth month This is with respect to normal pregnancy You can add a 2 if complications I suppose you must ask your gynaecologist why sonography every 20 days when it ain't necessary Or get a second opinion with another gynaclogist
Answer: hi There's no evidence that scans are harmful, if used according to the guidelines. Ultrasound scans have been used in pregnancy for decades. The person carrying out the scans (sonographer) will follow all the right guidelines to ensure that you and your baby are safe ..number of scans depend on your pregnancy...if u have any risk...dr. will scan more often.
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    Arsala Ali880 days ago


Answer: Hello! There is no problem in ultrasound. The sound waves technology is used to carry out the scan. Hence, no rays are used and is absolutely safe for both the mother and the baby. As for the scan done every 20days, it might be that the doctor needs to do it for some important reading. Hence don't worry about it. Take care
Answer: Hi In my first pregnancy, doctor used to do ultrasound in every 10 days as my AFI was low. She started doing so from 6th month as AFI level started decreasing. So I suggest you better to ask what's the complications actually. BTW ultrasound doesn't have any side effects to mother and child. So don't worry
Answer: Having multiple ultrasound examinations during pregnancy is unlikely to cause any lasting harm to the developing fetus. It is done to make sure baby's growth is fine and other important things. So don't worry.
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    Arsala Ali880 days ago


Answer: Dear it is absolutely safe... Ultrasound has to be done regularly for monitoring baby growth and position. Trust your doctor
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