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Question: My gynaecologist prescribed me Sifasi HCG injections once a week for four weeks to safeguard my pregnancy. I'm currently 5 and a half weeks pregnant. I want to know if most women have side effects like bloating, weight gain or severe cramps. Has anyone taken a similar HCG injection during pregnancy?

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Answer: I just ate ample veg and fruits, took few calcium, amino acid and iron on alternate days in a week.
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    Natasha Contractor32 days ago

    Thanks, but did you get any side effects?

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Question: Hi Doc, m 11 weeks pregnant, my doctor prescribed me HCG injection once in a week bt why so? Everything is normal in my pregnancy, no blood discharge, only 1-2 drops white discharge is there then why i shud take d injection? Is thr any requirement of HCG?
Answer: hi dear! so this injection must have been given to you as you might be having low hcg levels according to your weeks of pregnancy dear.hCG, a protein hormone, begins to be produced in large amounts in early pregnancy. It is biologically similar to luteinizing hormone (LH). hCG's primary role is to keep the corpus luteum functioning, so that the corpus luteum continues to produce estrogen and progesterone. so thats ok dear. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: All my reports were normal..n according to ultrasound report its 25weeks 4days pregnancy n my baby weighs 789gms.bt still der is a problm called iugr by 2 n half weeks. Doctor prescribed me few medications..I just want to know that is der anything to worry about or serious?pls hlp
Answer: This signals an growth restriction. Keep taking medications. There is no treatment for intrauterine growth restriction because if the restriction is from the placental side it is more common because of infection because of genetic factors. although there is always a second plan about delivery and about the management. Your gynaecologist will check you and monitors scans every week too check your growth you are on the risk but do not worry because fetal morbidity is reported when the iugr syndrome is identified at later stages. in the early identification, it will help your gynaecologist to prepare a plan for your pregnancy. assembling all your sonography reports and blood reports make sure you eat properly and drink 3lt properly take your supplements and bed rest because it has been documented that resting improves your P I . also, your doctor might prescribe you baby aspirin if there is some major obstruction with your uterine p i do not worry it is manageable. Hope it helps! Take care.
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Question: Hi.. i have just come back from UK on 6th jan. Got ny peeiods there in UK on 14dec. We had an intercourse there in UK four times as we are trying to conceive....mymperiod was due 8/9 th jan. But it has not yet come.. i have read on internet that jet lag( difference in the tome zonee of 2 countries) causes periods to come early or late or complete absence for a month.. now the question is how do i comw tonknow the exact reason for this delay in my periods.. weather it is successful conception or jet lag effect ?? I haven't yet taken a Home pregnancy test.. thinking of taking it on Saturday..that will be 30th day..does anyone know or jave experienced such thing? After how many days periods should come if the reason is jetlag and not conception?? Plz.help as o am very much tensed.i want this conception to occur..
Answer: U can go for urine test right now.... first urine will be ideal sample for the test...if it is negative still don't worry wait for minimum 10 days and then go for beta HCG serum test...it is blood sample based pregnancy test...it will give u accurate result...all the best...
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