34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My gums are weak and bleeding some time tell me a remedy

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Answer: Dear when you are pregnant increased blood flowcauses swollen gums, tender tissues and sensitive teeth. This can lead to bleeding of the teeth while brushing or flossing. If you areexperiencing bleeding even at rest then do consult your dentist.. Use soft-bristled and cross-bristled brush during pregnancy since it will be tender on your swollen gums and also remove impurities from teeth. Avoid food which causes sensitivities. This can be very different for each person. Some people feel sensitivity when they have cold food, some when they drink something hot while others may have sensitivity when they have something which has an overdose of sugar. Avoid these foods because it will just increase your pain. Go for cleaning at least twice during your pregnancy. Ask your dentist to recommend an oral mouthwash or toothpaste and do cross check the prescription with your gynaecologist.
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Question: My gums are swelling and bleeding give me some tips pls
Answer: Some women get swollen and sore gums, which may bleed, in pregnancy. Bleeding gums are caused by a build-up of plaque on the teeth. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make your gums more vulnerable to plaque, leading to inflammation and bleeding. This is also called pregnancy gingivitis or gum disease. Being a dentist IL suggest you to follow good oral hygiene tips and regularly do oral warm saline rinses And Clean your teeth carefully twice a day for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste – ask your dentist to show you a good brushing method to remove all the plaque. Brushing is best with a small-headed toothbrush with soft filaments – make sure it's comfortable to hold. Avoid having sugary drinks (such as fizzy drinks or sweet tea) and sugary foods too often – try to keep them to meal times. If you're hungry between meals, snack on vegetables and avoid sugary or acidic foods 
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Question: My gums are look very big and bleeding i am in 7 th month what is the remedy for that
Answer: Hi dear, Blame the pregnancy hormones for gum infections.women tend to get quite frequent teeth and gums infections during pregnancy. Pregnancy involves lots of hormonal changes. Due to this gums become soft and spongy and tend to bleed easily if proper oral hygiene is not maintained.Maintain a good oral hygiene by means of brushing, flossing, mouthwashes etc.Frequent snacking, this is commonly seen during pregnancy. Frequent snacks and drinks especially sweet ones can lead to tooth decay. Switch over to snacks that are low in sugar, fat & salt and high in fiber content.Drinks such as water and milk are recommended. Rinse your mouth with water if you can’t brush after every snack.Calcium is very important for your baby’s teeth. During fourth month of pregnancy your baby’s teeth and bones begin to calcify. The calcium and phosphorous needed for this comes from the food you eat and if necessary from your bones. These minerals are best obtained by eating more dairy foods.Dental procedures, certain antibiotics like Tetracycline can cause damage to your baby’s developing teeth. So it’s very important that you inform your doctor about your pregnancy. Visit your dentist for a regular check up and cleaning.include lots of vitamin C in diet.vitamin C is the best for gum health....
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Question: Im 6 months pregnant now and my gums are bleeding automatically from yesterday. Is there any home remedy that i can fo to stop this? The gums automatically bleed around 5-6 times a day. Please help me
Answer: Yes, do Gargles with salty water. Also you must use mouth wash..
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Question: My feet r swallowing...and bleeding gums..plz suggest any remedy
Answer: Hello, Swelling in feet is normal during pregnancy because of increased blood volume and water retention to supply nutrition to your baby. It can be experienced at any time and is more common in third trimester. You can avoid standing for long periods of time , decrease spending time in summer heat, rest with your feet above to help backward glow of fluids, reduce salt intake , increase water intake helps flush out water retention , wear comfortable shoes and avoid tight clothing around legs. Unless associated with very high blood pressure nothing to worry about.Swollen gums, which may be sore and more susceptible to bleeding, are common during pregnancy. This inflammation of the gums is called gingivitis. Pregnancy gingivitis is caused by the hormonal changes that increase the blood flow to the gumtissue and cause your gums to be more sensitive, irritable, and swollen. You can do salt water mouth washes after every meal. You can brush your mouth twice a day. This will help your sensitivity.
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