2 years old baby

Question: My girl is now 2yrs old, how to stop breastfeeding,

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Answer: See my idea of this is different, start with roaming with your child to make him sleep.. and if he insist breastmilk then apply patanjali toothpaste on your breast and tell your child that it hurts there.. 2 year old child will understand this.. do this for 3 weeks and try to offer milk in glass instead.. I have done this.
Answer: Now your Baby is two years old you can give everything whatever you are making at home . when baby needs milk you should give food at that time . you should paste band aid around your nipple so baby can’t able to suck it .
Answer: Dear u can use a Coffey powder paste into u r arelo round daily 3 ..4 times even me as used same thing then baby won't came near us to feed becs they get bitter...did u got answer
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Answer: Hello dear now your baby is three years old so this is the time you should stop feeding . Now give baby all foods vegetables food for nutrition . if you will continue breastfeeding then you can be weak.
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Question: My 4 month old baby girl has not pooped for 6 days. She is on exclusive breastfeeding. Is this a problem?
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