Few weeks old baby

Question: Hii my girl is 8 months old...she was etng good ill the day before yesterday...for past two days she is refusing everything even water...😣I'm so confused and worried that she is having only bm...she pushes solids with her tongue so fast ....pls suggest some ideas and recipes...

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Answer: Ok dear...I'll try with diff recepies...just nw gave suji...she had a little... could you let me know that how much quantity does 8 month baby can eat every meal...
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Question: 8 months old baby girl,not intrested in any solids,only likes liquids,water and bm or fm,coming 2 teeths present,i dont know the reason she dont like any solids past 4 days
Answer: Teething may cause loose in appitte do worry.. Keep breastfeeding dear .refucing food it's just a phase.. In summer baby feel like drinking more liquid Than hard food. It's good actually.. Give whatever she likes dear .keep trying offering variety of food. You can make carrot spinach pumpkin corn broccoli soups. She will enjoy..
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