7 months old baby

Question: my girl has completed 6 months what is the quantity of food I should give.. I'm worried if I'm giving small amount... plz let me know in spoon measurement

2 Answers
Answer: start with 3tsp n slowly increase the quantity.. start with liquid dear like boil apple juice , vegetables soup etc start ceralac Mai ne mere elder one Ko rice ceralac ka full ek packet khilaya den rice ka home made ceralac khilaya i rice lo dho k drain krlo fan k niche ya ghar m dhup aati ho to Sukha le fir roast kre den grind it.. fir jaise zarurat ho cook krte jae ,kitna banana h apko andaza hojaega ceralac se n ceralac 1scoop s start kre similarly u can start with other food also like moong dal khichdi,veg khichdi, puree etc diff type of cerelac available in market
Answer: give ragi..ot is good for baby. 1st ragi make like shira