1 months old baby

Question: My girl child is of 6 weeks old. Her FSH IS 11.4 mIU/MLA. What does it means. Is there any concern..pls advise

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Question: Hi mom's, my baby girl is 8th month old there is lots of hair's on her body so what can I do? Pls give me any solution.
Answer: Hello dear, to reduce hair in your baby's body you may use these: Apply olive oil on entire body.  Massage gently twice a day.  Use a paste of gram flour turmeric and milk paste and apply it before bath.  Use wheat or gram flour on the baby it will help loosen the roots.  Mix lentils and almond paste and apply it on the body.
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Question: Hi if LH and FSH hormone is high means there is Chance of pregnancy or not pls help me
Answer: Women on birth control pills as well as pregnant women also have low levelsof FSH. ... If the estradiol level ishigh,even if the FSH is normal, it cannot be assumed that ovarian reserve is normal. A normal FSH and estradiol level indicate that you have a good ovarian reserve. It's also useful tocheck your FSH:LH ratio.
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Question: My aua is 33 weeks but my lmp says 29 weeks 6 days .... What does it mean ...please advise
Answer: Hi Its normal there ll be always some +/- 2 weeks for scan and lmp calculation as fetus might has formed in ovulation period which is 2 weeks later your lmp and as we were not sure on that date do always follow lmp calculation only
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