2 months old baby

Question: My girl baby s 60 days old. Her birth weight was 3.4, current weight s 4.6. she s on ebf. Is her weight gain normal??

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Answer: Yes dear it's normal weight. Include more calcium, iron & protein food in diet and bteest feed regularly it will increase weight of baby
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Question: My baby is 79 days old. Her birth weight is 2000.her current weight 4.6
Answer: Hello! As per the birth weight and the average chart the growth of the baby is fine. There is nothing to worry as the weight gain is good. Take care
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Question: Hii.. my baby s 74 days old. Her birth weight s -3.4kgs,lowest weight-3.1kg ,her present weigjt s -4.7kg. she s on ebf. Her pee count s >10.. is her weight gain normal??
Answer: By completion of 1 month she should cross birth weight By completion of 6 month she should double birth weight. By completion of 1 year she should double weight in 6 months.
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Question: 13 days old baby birth weight 2.25 kg on ebf hw to gain her weight
Answer: Hie Breastfeed your baby whenever the baby demands or at least after every 2hrs when awake if the baby is sleeping you can increase it to 4 here not more than that Ensure your baby emptys one breast before offering other as the baby needs for milk as well as the fat rich hind milk for proper development Exclusively breast feed your baby for 6 months
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Question: Hello experts my baby girl is 3 months 16 days old..her weight at birth was 3.4 kgs..now her weight is 5.3 kg..is her weight gain is ok? She is exclusively on breastmilk
Answer: Hi,yes you baby is within the normal range of weight.your baby is growing weekly.so do t worry.you should feed your baby at regular intervals which will help in property growth and development of your baby
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