2 months old baby

Question: My girl baby is one and half months old at the beginning she passes tools three or four times regularly but now two weeks she is not passing regularly .she takes two or three days .is anything problem with my daughter

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Answer: Dear sometime breastfeeding baby can skip poop for few days but if the consistency of poop is normal and vaby is active and feeding properly then there is nothing to worry about it.
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Question: My daughter is one month old she is not passing stool everyday. Is it OK and when she passes stool after three, four days gap the colour of the stool is ash green.. Is it normal???
Answer: Hi, your daughter is constipated. Are you giving her any iron drops, if so then inform your Dr. If your are also taking iron supplements it can affect the child. You should talk about this to your Dr.
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Question: My baby is seven months old she passes stool three or four times plz suggest me something
Answer: It is completely normal for baby to do potty 3-4 times there is no problem. SLowely baby will be able to have more better bowl movement.
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Question: I have a one query.. My daughter is 21 months ole. She passes urine 6 times in a whole day.. She is drinking water also.. But she passes urine only 6 times.. Is it normal or any other problem??
Answer: hi mum that don't cause any problem that it would be great if your baby fast more urine if the baby is not pass urine frequently then it might cause urinary tract infection Sofia baby more water and also you can give a baby mo tender coconut water butter milk curd fruit juice especially water rich fruits like watermelon cucumberyou can also give jeera water to your baby this causes the body to become cool and also it make the baby to pass urine frequently
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