5 months old baby

Question: My girl baby is now 5 months 9 days, can i take her out for once in a week like park for her entertainment,,,,, is ok r not?

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Answer: Ofcourse u can .she will also feel excited
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Question: my baby girl is 5 months now I'm using formula milk can I give her biscuits in a milk ?
Answer: Only formula milk should be given. Up to six months only breastfeeding or formula milk should be given. Nothing else. But after six months you can start 1 or 2 tablespoon water, grive water, you can also dissolve biscuit in milk but only one piece ......but after six months
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Question: my baby girl is 32 days old..she is suffring from constipation..give some sugestion for her..and can i give her cow's milk once in a day???
Answer: dont give cow's milk.if your milk is not enough give formula milk to her.start drinking ajwain water and take your little one to doctor.dont eat food that is hard to digest.
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Question: Can i give roti and buffalo milk once in a day to my baby????...is giving buffalo milk once in a day ok for her?????
Answer: Hi mam instead of giving buffalo milk you can give cow's milk because buffalo milk are very hard to digest for babies so doctors advised not to use buffalo milk for babies we can use buffalo milk only to prepare sweets and any other kheer but not directly to babies are they will cause stomach upset to them instead of using buffalo milk you can give them cows milk which have more calcium protein and minerals in it in which is very helpful for babies growth
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Question: Hi , my girl baby is 5 months 27 days now, when i can give her teether
Answer: Yes you can give her know
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