2 months old baby

Question: My girl baby 2yrs & 7 months old and crying with out any reason. I'm not able to understand why she is crying.

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Answer: Baby may feel feeling sleepy,Wet or dirty diaper,Hunger,Overstimulation from noise or activity colic, acid reflux, or food allergies,pain or illness Gas,Stranger anxiety or feargenerally feeling colic is the reason of crying, do cycling type with baby leg regularly that helps to gas out, and baby will feel. You have to pay attention mummy to your baby, you can't be perfect all time, but you will be able to understand gradually the reason of baby crying.
Answer: Hi. You should ask your baby regarding this. As baby is 2 year and 7 month old might be she cant explain well but you should ask her everything which can be the reason like pain in body or other.
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Question: Hi my baby girl is 14 months old and she won't be able to walk with out support. I am worried
Answer: Hello Dear every baby is different and every baby activities are different. There is nothing to worry. Make her practice more. Try to excite her when she walks so that she try to walk hurrly towards that thing in that process she will leave yur hand. Give her a regular warm oil massage on legs n back it stimulates blood flow n make keg muscles strong. Don't worry dear walk with her n she will definitely start running. Take care
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Question: hi my baby is 2yrs old she is suffering from severe running nose since evening and is horribly crying as she is not able to sleep
Answer: Clean ger nose using nose bulb. Add 2 3 drops if eucalyptus essential oil to boiling water and give her steam it's very effective. Apart from this prepare besan sheera. 1) roast 1tspoon of besan in ghee. 2) Add milk and cook for while. Consistency should be little thicker than tea. 3) Add Lil sugar Give this to baby to drink when lukewarm.
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Question: My baby girl is 8 months old but she is not able to sit yet
Answer: Try to sit with d help of pillows or soft stuff chair lyk soft toys
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