8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my gestational sac is present on the right cornu in 5 week gestaion.... will it move to the center of the uterus after that? because my doctor scared me telling it would be difficult to continue pregnancy in that position

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Answer: Hi , mine is also same case. Please and the question.
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Question: Hi...after my marriage I went through 3 miscarriage.so I am scared whether I would get pregnant or not.everyone are telling that due to miscarriage my uterus might have become loose.so they are telling to visit doctor and get stitches to get my uterus tight so miscarriage won't happen..is that true..do I need to visit doctor..to get stitches..
Answer: You need to visit doc but not for stiches, you can consult a good gyno to know about your present condition and risk if any. Better to visit any govt. Hospital they have more exp than private doc. And guide you well.
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Question: In my first scanning dr said that I'm pregnant but only sac is present in the uterus what it means??
Answer: When was your last LMP? And when did you go for the 1st scan?
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Question: I am 25 weeks pregnant. Some ladies are telling me to sit oftenly on the floor and not on chair so that it will be beneficial for uterus. While some are telling exactly opposite. What is the right position ?
Answer: Hi dear, Sitting on the floor makes your pelvic area flexible. But if you have back ache,I won't advice you to sit on floor,as it would stress more. Do some pelvic floor exercises.some yoga poses helps you to make your pelvic muscles flexible too.do regular walking and mild freehand exercises.stay active,that is enough to deliver normally.
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