23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My gestational age according to LMP is 23 weeks in August 2019 but ultrasound shows only 20 weeks as gestational age.. Does it mean baby is not growing?

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Answer: Baby's development is lagging by 3 weeks. That's why the gestational age is showing 20 weeks instead of 23 weeks pregnancy. Take proper rest and eat healthy nutritious diet that reach him iron calcium and protein for the development of you baby. Your diet should rich in green leafy vegetables are different types of clothes whole grain cereals milk yoga pant men jeans regular soyabean egg chicken in regular diet. Eat small portion of food after every 2 hours. If your bra Centre is doing its function properly then taking proper diet help you baby to grow and baby will catch in the growth afterwards.
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Question: According to ultrasound scan my gestational age is 8 weeks but according to LMP it is 6 weeks as LMP date is May 26.So could you pls suggest which is to be taken ?
Answer: Hi dear the calculation of delivery date and weeks is done from lmp but the ultrasound check the detailed growth of the baby also you don't conceive on your period date so that is why there is some differences
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Question: Hi dr..my gestational age according to lmp is 28 weeks 2 days and in ultrasound fetus age shows 30 weeks...my blood suger tests are normal.. Is this difference between fetus and gestational age normal?
Answer: Hi,Dear Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. LMP is date after which you have conceived. Scan gives date according to growth of baby. So scan can be accurate. When it comes to delivery we should be prepared at least ten days ahead of the date.all the best
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Question: Is it possible ultrasound shows exact gestational age as we calculated from lmp?
Answer: Hello dear, the calculation from the lmp is manual but what the ultrasound calculates is not exact because you don't come sit on your lmp date
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