9 months old baby

Question: my gal is 8 month old but i havnt seen tears fall even if she cries...wen babies develop tears

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Answer: my baby is turning 10 but after 9 months I HV seen tears but I m not sure anything about tears...
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Question: Hi.. my baby os 4 month and 10 days old. She is getting tears from her eyes even if she is not crying. Im worried.
Answer: Hello dear mother first of all congratulations for your baby now if your child is having a watery eye and producing tears it means that he has been suffering from a condition called epiphora you can understand it as a tiny blockage in the tear ducts of your infants eyes as a result they produce watery Eyes. Either your baby has a blockage in the the tear ducts or may be that it has not properly opened up as yet they may be also search and infections that are making your infants tears dry out and look crusty. however infections of any kind do not result in watery Eyes. You can talk to your doctor about this problem so that he can examine the child's eyes properly and suggest some eyedrops They might also be a need of surgical procedure if the condition persists even after medication and the and if you have been experiencing this quite regularly even after your infant has turned an year old Then it could also be like an eye lash that is growing inward and maybe some foreign object in your infants eye might be irritating it so your doctor can help you understand the symptoms and in case of any foreign object has entered the eyes he may help you remove it Hope my answer was helpful to you
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