2 months old baby

Question: My gal baby is 52 days old last month we got to know that she has got urine infection after the UTI And Urine culture test thought we keep her clean as she pass urine but we dont no how she got infection these days she cries a lot after taking treatment also...may i know what are the resons for urine infection

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Answer: Hi,you should keep changing the diaper quiet iften. You should wipe her from front to back position to avoid infection .. You should keep her clean and dry as much as possible to avoid infection . Feed the baby regularly so that she passes proper urine. This all will help you Take care.
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Question: We keep a lot if hygiene for our 7 months baby girl but still today she is diagnosed with UTI after urine test. Please tell me what did we do wrong and what all can be the causes for this?
Answer: Hi dear, Urine infection in babies is quite difficult to handle.it happened with my baby too almost around the same age.it was very terrifying.ao he'd on we mothers too.antibiotics is the only option.at the same time please give plenty of fluids to your baby.make that a habit from now on.it could recur if not taken precautions.make sure baby only uses clean commode or potty seat.too long in diaper,where baby might have pooped a little could also give rise to infections.wash the private parts nicely with plain water after every time she urinates.make her weR clean underwear.do rinse her underwear in antiseptic liquids after every wash.never wipe back to front.always front to back is preferred,as bacteria from anal area could enter through urinary area.continue the course of antibiotics ,donot stop in between,even if your baby feels better.incomplete course of antibiotics could recur the infection.
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Question: She is having congenital hypothyroidism...she is taking the med but i dont know whether she is a healthy child or not...she cries a lot and she moves her leg but she couldn't catch or hold things
Answer: Hi dear having congenital hypothyroidism doesn't really make your child completely and healthy and a sincere baby is already on medicine and sure which time she will be fine and will achieving the milestones so for now at 4 months if she can not Catch or Hold things then I think you should overlook this because you already know that she is on medication and she has hypothyroidism take some time for her to catch and hold the things but I am sure she will definitely be able to do so, please be positive and Happy everything is going to be fine .. Hope this helps
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Question: M going through a lot of emotional stress these days. M 13 weeks pregnant and dont know how to come out of it. Hubby is not at all supporting and feeling isolated . Keep crying all the time. Please advice.
Answer: Don't get stress. Don't worry. Eat well.God bless you.take care maa.
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