3 months old baby

Question: My friend's baby girl is just 6 days old, she have drop of blood, does it's period? It's normal? Plzz need help

2 Answers
Answer: Girl babies can have a few drops of blood after birth dear. It is not periods..it is caused by the hormonal changes after birth. There's no need to be worried about it dear
Answer: Its normal for girls
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Question: Im giving my 6 month baby cerelac of rice from 2day she does loose motion is it normal
Answer: Then stop giving that I think usse digest nai ho raha hai. Try something else give her some fruit puree try apple puree..
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Question: My baby girl is 15month old. She just don't walk what do I do
Answer: Please don't worry dear...some babies take longer to walk... My niece also took almost 18 months of age to get the hang of standing and walking dear
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Question: Blessed with a baby girl, normal delivery...she is 6 days old, I saw something like blood discharge from my baby's vagina..Is this normal ? Please answer
Answer: Yes it's completely normal dear , don't worry . This is the consequences of the new hormonal balance getting established in your baby's body
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