5 months old baby

Question: My friend recommend me to buy water based wipes.. R u guys recommend me same .. currently I am using lotion wipes for my little?

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Answer: Any baby wipes is ok.
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Question: currently I am in 3rd month,can u suggest me good diet for my baby
Answer: You & your baby will gain weight with the help of nutritious things that you eat. Eating a healthy, balanced dietwill help your baby get the nutrients he or she needs and grow at a healthy rate. • Add more protein to your diet. Butter and other fats will not help you in this matter, you can have cottage cheese, milk and other sources of protein like protein powders for pregnant women. • Take five to six small meals every day. • Keep quick, easy snacks on hand, such as nuts, raisins, cheese and crackers, dried fruit, and ice cream or yogurt. • Also drink a lot of liquid juices, coconut water twice a day, lot of water etc.
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Question: Please help me.. I want to change wipes for my little.. Which one is better?
Answer: Don't use ready made wipes, whether of Chicoo or Himalaya or Johnson n Johnson. Rather buy tissues pack... in a sprinkler bottle add water and some liquid dettol.. whenever u need a wipe at home.. Just take out a tissue and sprinkle that water dettol mixture good enough to wet the tissue.. And use it as wipe
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Question: Hey...mommies, I have heared a lot about Mother Sparsh wipes. I am wondering, do I buy dis for my lo Right now I m using chicco and not satisfied at all. Even my doc told me to use water based wipes and wen o googled ab water wipes in India, Mother Sparsh is d only wipes with highest water content. So, mommies pl tell ab Mother Sparsh wipes??
Answer: Go for Mother Sparsh wipes. My husband a d I have been trying out a variety of wipes with ou newborn and we keep coming back to mother sparsh wipes. We like its texture, thickness, moisture level of these wipes better than others. They are super soft and work great.
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