6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My friend had misscarriage due to rubella virus. She is highly infected with this rubella and hsv virus. My question is that- I m 5 week pregnant. She sits next to me atleast 8hr per day(office hours) what precautions should i take?? How these virus spread and how i should i avoid this infection to me

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Answer: I dont know why but doctor prefer c section for second child if 1st one is of c section
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Question: Hi.. I hav a feeling my 47 day old baby just sucks my nipples.. She does it for hours.. How to avoid this
Answer: Hi dear, So you mean to say baby is addicted to breastfeed? She's just 2 months old,so baby would suck nipples to calm themselves.some babies have habit of sucking thumb.donot worry,let the baby grow little more,she would be fine.
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Question: my wife is 25 weeks preagnent, i want to know what all she need to do for normal delivery like there should not be jauindece or any infection for kid post birth and mother should not have deficiency or no breast milk etc...? i asking this because i am worried after seeing my friend in this situation
Answer: For a healthy and normal delivery it is very important that the mother should be calm and composed that means she needs to take a good diet she must exercise in morning she must practice Yoga meditation Pranayam and Dhyan which are very important to help balance the stress and to calm down the juggling hormones about jaundice and any kind of infection mostly the infection that happens in pregnancy is cold which is very common until unless you get fever things Run smoothly with help of natural remedies as far as Jaundice is concerned the signs and symptoms do not appear in each and every individual usually jaundice happens and it is detected with help of liver function test which you will be prescribed after 30 weeks if necessary no breast milk again happens very seldom do not worry and do not overthink just make sure she takes her supplements daily without missing the dozs and any signs of swelling in hands feet on having a sharp pain in abdomen or seeing a blood discharge must be reported to gynaecologist immediately for quick treatment
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Question: My daughter is 5 months 28days..nw a day she started sucking her lower lip becoz of this it swelling nits about to come blood... How to avoid this... I should keep watching her lips
Answer: Hi dear I understand your concern your baby must be teething or she wants to chew on something introduce her to pacifiers it's better then butting her lips.hope it helps
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