38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My amnotic fluid get decreased, what should I do?

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Answer: You need to keep yourself hydrated.. Have lots of water min. 3 to 4 ltr per day else then that you can have fruit juices, fruits and vegetables which have high water content.. Take proper rest.. Doctor may prescribe you arginine sachet.. Dont worry all this will help you
Answer: Should drink more water as per day can drink 3 to 4 litres ,in a fifteen days ur amniotic fluid will be more sufficient ,bt its difficult to u to drink tat much water suddenly ,bcoz i also faced dis problem ,there is no need to worry 😄
Answer: sizzy pls consult an efficient dr for such matters..
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Question: My gyana says that fluid inside my uterus is decreased....what i should do ...plz tell
Answer: Hello, Dear in last trimester amniotic fluid is supposed to decrease and you are in your 39 week so its normal but it also depends that how low it and if its dangerous or not. so drink lots and lots of fluid that can help increase the amniotic fluid and also do visit your doctor again to know the exact level of fluid and if its dangerous or not and what can be done ahead..
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Question: My amnotic fluid is less to 6. Please suggest what should I do ?
Answer: Having plenty of water around 3 litre of water and coconut water twice a day will help you in improving your amniotic fluid level this is what has helped me when I was pregnant
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Question: Having low amnotic fluid.. What should i do? And how cn i detect is my amnotic fluid is leaking?
Answer: You should consult your doctor and go for the vaginal swab test in that they'll come to know whether its amniotic fluid or any other discharge , if ur fluid ml is very less then you'll be admitted and kept on Hermine IV for 2 days.. take care
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