5 months old baby

Question: My five month old girl baby she os crying when urine passing why its happening

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Answer: Hello dear Babies cry while they pee is due to burning. Apply caster oil on the stomach and nappy area. Some times babies feel the pressure and it's new to them so they cry. U should drink alot of water try avoiding food that makes the baby gassy like dal potatoes cabbage etc. Some times dis is due to UTI as well if the baby is crying too much pls consult ur doctor.
Answer: Hello.. Dear it is a sign of dehydration, since you are breastfeeding have lot of water, and also apply coconut oil on herscalp, don't let herscalp dry, hope it will be helpful for you..
Answer: Hello! It happens mainly due to the reason that she gets the wet feeling which probably makes her uncomfortable . There is nothing to worry it is absolutely normal. Take care
Answer: Hi I am 17 weeks and 5 days is going on and I have twins but I did not feel anything inside is it ok?
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Question: My baby is 2 month old girl & she s crying while passing urine. Is it normal??
Answer: Hello... It is a sign of dehydration,since your baby is in breastfeeding,you should take lot of water, juices it will help her from dehydration,and also apply castor oil in baby's tummy,it will reduce heat, Don't let her scalp dry,always apply little coconut oil in her head
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Question: My baby girl 2 month old...she crying while passing urine ...please suggest your answers....
Answer: Hello, The crying could be due to a urinary tract infection and see if your baby has other signs of illness too.Contact a doctor to have them analyze a sample of the urine.Diaper rash could also make it painful for your baby to pee, as well as some small tearing.
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Question: Why baby crying when passing urine
Answer: Dear its common in early days...as this is the new seccesion for them....it will settle after some days....and another reason may be because of colic....so pls feed baby every two hours and make baby burp properly....as all the gas comes out....
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